Douglas Smith, The Huntington Library, “One Person, One Vote: Reapportionment and the political transformation of Southern California”

Major Research Grants

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To fund a series of six lectures and panel discussions, “Los Angeles and the World: How LA Stacks Up Against Other Global Cities”

William Deverell

What Brings Children to the Park? Analysis and Measurement of the Variables Affecting Children’s Use of Parks

Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris

Support toward a research project, “Successful Pathway to High School Completion in an Ethnically Diverse Population”

Sandra Graham

To support a research project, “Back Alley LA: Transforming Nuisance Alleys Into Green Infrastructure for Los Angeles”

Jennifer Wolch

Support for the research for a book on the emergence of the Los Angeles Neighborhood Council System as seen through the stories of those who created it.

Terry L. Cooper

“Documenting Unregulated Work: A Survey of Workplace Violations in Los Angeles”

Ruth Milkman, Ph.D.

For a research project,

William Tierney

Integrated Watershed Management Reform for Los Angeles Proposition O: Evaluating the Implementation

Stephanie Pincetl

How Low-Income Students Excel in the Classroom: Policy Implications for Schools and Schools of Education

Mary S. Poplin

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Major Research Grants

September 2021: The Haynes Foundation is not accepting proposals for Major Research Grants until further notice.

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