Douglas Smith, The Huntington Library, “One Person, One Vote: Reapportionment and the political transformation of Southern California”

Major Research Grants

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Project Description
Primary Contact

The California Environmental Quality Act: How Current Decisions Interpreting CEQA’s Requirements Affect Local Government Decisionmaking,”

Sean Hecht

“The Completion and Consolidation of the Chronological Record of Los Angeles City Officials, 1850-1965, into the 21st Century”

Hynda Rudd

“A History of the Metro Rail System in Los Angeles, County, 1973-2007”

Ethan Elkind

“The Marketplace for Ideas: Can Los Angeles Build a Successful Biotechnology Cluster?”

Steven Casper

“College Enrollment and Persistence Among Children from Immigrant Families in the Los Angeles area”

Andrew Fuligni

A Proposal to Study ‘Alternative’ Instructional Models for Effective Biligual Education

Robert Rueda

To enable the compilation of “A New History of Los Angeles,” William Deverell and Greg Hise, Project Directors.

Robert C. Ritchie

Support for a research study, “Volunteering to be Taxed: Assessing the Impact of Business Improvement Districts on Commercial and Residential Properties”

Paul Ong and Leah Brooks

Suppport for the production and publication of maps in conjunction with a project, “Healthy Parks, Schools and Communities: Mapping Green Access and Equity for the Los Angeles Region”

Robert Garcia

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Major Research Grants

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