As a result of a 2017 partnership with the Los Angeles Public Library, the Haynes Foundation was invited to use the LAPL’s home page to highlight the Foundation’s 90 year history of funding objective research into pressing public policy issues for Los Angeles. The result was a set of real-world questions and answers of interest to Angelinos.

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Is there only one formula for economic success?
What are the key pathways to economic success in Southern California?

UCLA Professor Michael Storper, aided by UCLA Professor Zev Yaroslavsky, presented the results of Professor Storper’s Haynes Foundation funded research at a February 8, 2017 Town Hall event.  The research compared the economic development of Los Angeles and San Francisco since 1970 using per capita personal income as a yardstick.  The result: while the two regions were essentially equal in 1979, Los Angeles has fallen well behind San Francisco and several other large cities.  Digging deeper in to the data, Professor Storper challenged conventional notions about economic development.