As a result of a 2017 partnership with the Los Angeles Public Library, the Haynes Foundation was invited to use the LAPL’s home page to highlight the Foundation’s 90 year history of funding objective research into pressing public policy issues for Los Angeles. The result was a set of real-world questions and answers of interest to Angelinos.

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Haynes Foundation and Paul Landacre

What are the links between the Haynes Foundation and Paul Landacre, an outstanding print maker and resident of Echo Park?

This is a story about several important figures who left an enduring legacy on Los Angeles nearly a century ago: Dr. John Randolph Haynes, Mr. Paul Landacre and Mr. Robert Farquhar. And part of the shared legacy is one of the grand homes of Los Angeles in the early 1900’s. A key clue can be found on line 7 of the Haynes Foundation’s ledger for December 2, 1935.