The Haynes Foundation Program

Major Research Grants

UPDATE – SEPTEMBER 2021: The Haynes Foundation is not accepting proposals for Major Research Grants until further notice.

The Foundation seeks applications and makes grants for research on major economic, social and political problems of the greater Los Angeles area. Preference is given to applied studies which, in addition to adding significantly to knowledge and understanding of issues, are judged to show promise of influencing policies and practices addressing these issues. The research project’s potential for publication and its use by the community are also taken into account. The Foundation is willing to consider requests for support in disseminating the results of the studies it funds. Major research projects concerning the history of Southern California will also be considered.

Grants are made only to colleges, universities, or other 501(c)(3) institutions; no grants are made to individuals. Please see our How to Apply section for further information.

Archival Grants

A modest portion of the Foundation’s annual research budget is reserved to support archival and cataloging projects at libraries and other local institutions in Los Angeles. The relevance and significance of the materials to Southern California and for public policy, along with their fragility and rarity are taken into account in selecting these projects for award.

Recent recipients of archival funding include The Huntington Library, the Southern California Library for Social Studies and Research, the Public Library of the City of Los Angeles, the Japanese American National Museum, and the libraries of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, the University of California at Los Angeles, the University of Southern California and Loyola Marymount University. For more information, please visit our How to Apply section.

Faculty Fellowships

Faculty Fellowships are awarded by the Foundation on an annual basis to social science faculty members teaching at any university or four-year college in the five county (Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, San Bernardino, and Riverside) Southern California region. The fellowships are competitive and favor is given to proposals which are well-conceived, imaginative, and break new ground on economic, social and political problems. The Foundation’s interest is in social science research which has implication for influencing policy and action in the Los Angeles region, but research projects concerning the history of Southern California will also be considered. The grants are to be used in support of faculty research time and expenses. A report of the research work to the Foundation is required at the conclusion of the year-long grant period. For more information, please visit our How to Apply section and review the Faculty Fellowship Guidelines.

Haynes Lindley Doctoral Dissertation Fellowships

Doctoral Dissertation Fellowships are awarded on an annual basis to graduate students enrolled at institutions which grant the Ph.D. degree in the social sciences in the greater Los Angeles area (i.e., the California Institute of Technology, the Claremont Graduate University, the University of California, Los Angeles, the University of California, Irvine, the University of California, Riverside, and the University of Southern California). The fellowships are competitive and are awarded to students whose dissertation proposals have been approved and which address economic, social, policy or political problems of the Los Angeles area. Please see our How to Apply section for further information and review the Haynes Lindley Doctoral Dissertation Guidelines.

Dissemination of Research Findings

Among its objectives, the Foundation is encouraged to “publish and disseminate all knowledge: gained through “research, discovery, instruction and education …to the end that the people of California and the United States may be suitably educated, advised and informed.”

Pursuant to that objective, the Foundation requires that each recipient of a major research or archival grant or a faculty or doctoral dissertation fellowship submit to the Foundation certain reports and findings. Common to all grants and fellowships is the requirement to submit a 3-4 page executive summary of the grantee’s work in PDF format. The Foundation intends to post that summary on the Foundation’s website. In addition, the Foundation is prepared to post on the Foundation’s website a link to the grantee’s entire final report.


Notice of Final Report (NFR)

To supplement written final reports, the Foundation has adopted an on-line, one-page reporting system, the Notice of Final Report (NFR), which will be forwarded to the Principal Investigator upon the submission of the PI’s final report.

Requests for Grants

No grants for any of the foregoing are made directly to individuals, but only to colleges and universities or other qualified nonprofit institutions. Please see “How to Apply,” for further information. Proposals and inquiries regarding application procedures and submission deadlines should be addressed to the Foundation office.