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Grantee Organization Primary Contact Year Awarded Grant Amount Grant Type Program Area
California State University, Los Angeles Eileen Ford 2019 $12000 Faculty Fellowships Fellowships
William Wrigley Jr. in Southern California
Claremont Graduate University Charles Varadin 2019 $20000 Dissertation Fellowship Fellowships
Retaining Foster Families in San Bernardino County: Barriers to Accessing Resources after California's Continuum of Care Reform
University of Southern California Bill Deverell 2019 $19000 Archival Natural Resources
Angel's Gateway: LA & Its Port
Pomona College Lorn Foster 2019 $38550 Archival Public Information
First Churches LA Audio Project
California State University, Dominguez Hills Gregory Williams 2019 $40000 Archival Public Information
Los Angeles Japanese American Activist History Collection
University of California, Riverside Catherine Gudis 2019 $12000 Faculty Fellowships Fellowships
Skid Row, By Design: History, Community, and Activism in Downtown LA
University of Southern California Martin Krieger 2019 $12000 Faculty Fellowships Fellowships
Disseminating Martin Krieger's Archive of Documentation of Aspects of Los Angeles: Photographic, Video, and Aural
Pomona College Michael Kuehlwein 2019 $12000 Faculty Fellowships Fellowships
Estimating the Employment Effects of a Rising Minimum Wage on Los Angeles' Garment Industry
University of California, Riverside Qingfang Wang 2019 $12000 Faculty Fellowships Fellowships
Gender, Race/Ethnicity, and Entrepreneurship in Underserved Communities: Latino Women Owned Businesses in the Inland Empire Region
University of California, Irvine Daeun Song 2019 $20000 Dissertation Fellowship Fellowships
The Asian American Division over Affirmative Action: Examining the Case of SCA5 and the Rise of Chinese American Conservatism
California Institute of Technology R. Michael Alvarez 2019 $341209 Research Grant Elections
Monitoring the Integrity of Elections in Southern California: The 2020 Elections
University of California, Los Angeles Elior Cohen 2019 $20000 Dissertation Fellowship Fellowships
Homelessness in Los Angeles County: Evaluation of the Causes, Effects, and Proposed Solutions
University of California, Los Angeles Rebecca Crane 2019 $20000 Dissertation Fellowship Fellowships
The Construction and Use of Accessory Dwelling Units in Los Angeles
University of Southern California Soledad DeGregorio 2019 $20000 Dissertation Fellowship Fellowships
Growing up Homeless in Los Angeles: Student Homelessness and Educational Outcomes
University of California, Los Angeles Chiara Galli 2019 $20000 Dissertation Fellowship Fellowships
Central American Unaccompanied Children Seeking Immigration Relief in Los Angeles
University of California, Irvine Christopher Gibson 2019 $20000 Dissertation Fellowship Fellowships
Global Finance and Local Water: The Case of Water Governance in Southern California
University of Southern California Lizette Solorzano 2019 $20000 Dissertation Fellowship Fellowships
Los Angeles DACA Recipients Navigating Federal Immigration Policy Shifts in Local Context
University of California, Los Angeles Laura Wray-Lake 2019 $12000 Faculty Fellowships Fellowships
Is Los Angeles Ready to Lower the Voting Age?
University of California, Los Angeles Glen MacDonald 2019 $40000 Archival Public Information
A River Runs Through It: Assessing, Archiving and Disseminating the Fairchild and Spence Collections Historical Air Photos of the LA River and Environs
University of California, Riverside David Chavez 2018 $20000 Dissertation Fellowship Fellowships
From Delinquents to Street Terrorists: The War on Youth Crime, 1945 - 1987
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