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Grantee Organization Primary Contact Year Awarded Grant Amount Grant Type Program Area
University of California, Los Angeles Till Von Wachter 2018 $130000 Research Grant Public Personal Services
Identifying Pathways into and Preventing Family Homelessness
University of Southern California Philip Ethington 2018 $171630 Research Grant Natural Resources
Historical Ecology of the Los Angeles River and Watershed Infrastructure for a Comprehensive Analysis
University of Southern California Gary Painter 2018 $168998 Research Grant 0
How do Los Angeles Residents Cope with Unaffordability?
University of California, Riverside Cassandra Guarino 2018 $200000 Research Grant Education
Examining Disparities in Mathematics Achievement to Promote Educational Equity: An In-Depth Investigation across the 2nd Largest County in the U.S.
University of California, Los Angeles Virginia Steel 2018 $40000 Archival 0
Describing LA History: The Los Angeles Times Nitrate Negative Project
University of California, Los Angeles Jan-Christopher Horak 2018 $49590 Archival 0
KTLA Digital Preservation and Online Project: Tom Bradley, Mayor of Los Angeles
University of California, Riverside Steven Hackel 2018 $35344 Archival Demographics
The Pobladores Project Database: Documenting the Lives of the Spanish and Mexican Settlers in Los Angeles to 1850
California Institute of Technology R. Michael Alvarez 2017 $229000 Research Grant Elections
Assuring Election Integrity: A Comprehensive Ecological Framework for Evaluating Elections in Southern California
California State University, Dominguez Hills Gregory Williams 2017 $39200 Archival Public Information
Ninomiya Photo Studio Collection Access Project
University of California, Los Angeles Virginia Steel 2017 $40483 Archival Public Information
Revealing Los Angeles History: The John Randolph Haynes Papers
University of Southern California Brie Loskota 2017 $30000 Archival Public Information
Documenting and Resourcing African American Community Engagement in Southern California
University of California, Los Angeles Thomas Philip 2017 $12000 Faculty Fellowships Fellowships
Supporting High School Students and Prospective Teachers in Addressing Economic, Social, and Political Problems in South Los Angeles
University of Southern California Ann Owens 2017 $12000 Faculty Fellowships Fellowships
School Choice and Inequality in Los Angeles
California State Univeristy, Fullerton Stacy Mallicoat 2017 $12000 Faculty Fellowships Fellowships
Preventing Recidivism Among Orange County's AB-109 Offenders
University of California, Los Angeles Kian Goh 2017 $12000 Faculty Fellowships Fellowships
Different Natures: Urban Form and Environmental Governance in the Los Angeles Region
Pardee RAND Graduate School Gabriel Weinberger 2017 $20000 Dissertation Fellowship Fellowships
Reducing Recidivism by Improving the Process of Linking Released Prisoners to Social Services in Los Angeles County
California Institute of Technology R. Michael Alvarez 2017 $12000 Faculty Fellowships Fellowships
The Consequences of Primary Process Reform in California
University of Southern California Angelica Stoddard 2017 $20000 Dissertation Fellowship Fellowships
Defining Worthiness: Mental Health Care in California, from Postwar Crisis to Deinstitutionalization, 1941-1975
California State University, Los Angeles Joanna Doran 2017 $12000 Faculty Fellowships Fellowships
How can students build financial empowerment in economically fragile communities in Los Angeles?
Southern California Public Radio Bill Davis 2017 $50000 Research Grant Public Information
Data and Investigative Journalism Project
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