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Grantee Org Year Project Description Primary Contact Amount
University of Southern California 2006 Support for the research for a book on the emergence of the Los Angeles Neighborhood Council System as seen through the stories of those who created it. Terry L. Cooper $19216
Center for Law in the Public Interest => The City Project 2006 Suppport for the production and publication of maps in conjunction with a project, "Healthy Parks, Schools and Communities: Mapping Green Access and Equity for the Los Angeles Region" Robert Garcia $50000
Historical Society of Southern California 2012 The Courthouse Crowd: Los Angeles County and its Government, 1850-1950 Tom Sitton $18780
The Huntington Library 2009 The Origins of LA County Government as a Force in Urban Development, 1850-1950 Tom Sitton $53900
League of Women Voters of Los Angeles 2003 The Structure of a City Raphael Sonenshein $45500
University of Southern California 2006 To support a research project, "Back Alley LA: Transforming Nuisance Alleys Into Green Infrastructure for Los Angeles" Jennifer Wolch $224833
University of Southern California 1999 Toward Urban Participatory Democracy: A Study of Best Practices for Neighborhood Organization in Los Angeles Juliet Musso & Terry Cooper $226656
University of Southern California 2000 Towards a Comparative Perspective on the Politics of Sprawl in Greater Los Angeles Jeffrey Sellers $10000
The Los Angeles City Historical Society 2005 Underneath the City of Los Angeles: A History of the Los Angeles City Sewer System, 1850-2005 Anna Sklar $25743
Claremont Graduate University 2004 Understanding who is influencing policy decisions: A Study of Los Angeles County program evaluators' training and practice Christina Christie $10000
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