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Grantee Org Year Project Description Primary Contact Amount
California Commission on Campaign Financing 1998 A study of Ballot Measure Campaign Financing Tracy Westen $62100
California Institute of Technology 2017 Assuring Election Integrity: A Comprehensive Ecological Framework for Evaluating Elections in Southern California R. Michael Alvarez $229000
California Institute of Technology 2005 Evaluating Electoral Reform in California Jonathan N. Katz $10000
California Institute of Technology 2009 "The Rise of the Decline to States" R. Michael Alvarez $131995
California Institute of Technology 2002 Voting Systems in California: Identifying the Problem and Adopting New Technologies R. Michael Alvarez $10000
California Institute of Technology 1999 An Experiment in Democracy: The Blanket Primary in California R. Michael Alvarez $8000
Claremont Graduate University 2000 The Blanket Primary and Latino Influence in California's Republican Party Gary Segura $10000
Loyola Marymount Organization 2007 "Los Angeles Votes for President: Exit polls of the 2008 Presidential Primary and National Elections in the City of Los Angeles" F. Guerra, J. Magnabosco $76347 2008 To collect and publish five years of Los Angeles contribution, vote, and interest group data. Dan Newman $155000
Occidental College 1998 Southern California Women in Politics: On the Cutting Edge? Jane S. Jaquette $8000
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