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Grantee Org Year Project Description Primary Contact Amount
University of California, Los Angeles 2000 Economic Prospects for Los Angeles in an Era of Globalization: Structural Change, Employment Issues and Policy Problems Allen J. Scott $178721
University of Southern California 1998 Family Structure and Socioeconomic Success Timothy Biblarz $8000
University of Southern California 2002 Global California: The International Relations of America's Most Cosmopolitan State Abraham Lowenthal $10000
Pomona College 2001 Improving Personal Financial Planning Gary Smith $10000
Pomona College 2004 Is There a Speculative Bubble in Southern California Housing? Margaret Smith $10000
University of California, Los Angeles 2001 Los Angeles County's Neighborhoods and Economic Restructuring, 1987-1997 Paul M. Ong $68575
Claremont McKenna College 2002 Pacific Region, California, Greater Los Angeles and U.S. Aggregate Unemployment Rate Differentials: An Explanation and Policy Suggestions based on an Analysis of Regional, State and Local Data Manfred Keil $10000
California State University, Northridge 2007 Renewal through retail? Evaluating the Impact of Corporate Retailers in South Central Los Angeles Josh Sides $12000
Pomona College 2001 Research on the Effect of the Adoption of Innovative Information Technologies on Labor Skill Demand Margaret Hwang $10000
University of California, Los Angeles 2006 Support for a research study, "Volunteering to be Taxed: Assessing the Impact of Business Improvement Districts on Commercial and Residential Properties" Paul Ong and Leah Brooks $88372
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