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Grantee Org Year Project Description Primary Contact Amount
University of California, Los Angeles 2006 "Documenting Unregulated Work: A Survey of Workplace Violations in Los Angeles" Ruth Milkman, Ph.D. $286752
University of California, Los Angeles 2008 "From Jail to Jobs: Understanding the Impact of Homeboy Industries on the Lives of Los Angeles' Gang Associated Youth" Todd Franke $219987
Pomona College 2005 "Further Evidence Regarding a Speculative Bubble in Southern California Housing" Margaret H. Smith $10000
University of California, San Diego 2010 "L.A.'s Global Gateway: 21st Century Governance and Policymaking Challenges" Steven Erie $57226
University of Southern California 2010 "Southern California Fiscal Sustainability and Governance Research Project" Richard F. Callahan $84820
Claremont Graduate University 2005 "The Impacts of Price Caps on Innovation and Firm Survival in the Pharmaceutical Industry, Part II" Darren Filson $10000
Keck Graduate Institute of Applied Life Sciences 2007 "The Marketplace for Ideas: Can Los Angeles Build a Successful Biotechnology Cluster?" Steven Casper $84212
University of Southern California 2011 “Southern California Fiscal Sustainability and Governance Research” Yan Tang $177779
University of California, Los Angeles 2007 A Contrast in Economic Development: Los Angeles versus San Francisco, 1970-2007 Michael Storper $196335
University of Southern California 1999 A New Perspective on Globalization James Robinson $8000
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