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Grantee Org Year Project Description Primary Contact Amount
University of California, Los Angeles 2006 Support for a research study, "Volunteering to be Taxed: Assessing the Impact of Business Improvement Districts on Commercial and Residential Properties" Paul Ong and Leah Brooks $88372
University of California, Los Angeles 2001 Los Angeles County's Neighborhoods and Economic Restructuring, 1987-1997 Paul M. Ong $68575
University of California, Los Angeles 1999 The Entertainment Industry in the World Economy: Effects on the Economy of Los Angeles Ronald L. Rowgowski & Kerry A. Chase $23830
University of California, San Diego 2010 "L.A.'s Global Gateway: 21st Century Governance and Policymaking Challenges" Steven Erie $57226
University of Redlands 2001 The International Trade and Human Rights Lorenzo Garbo $10000
University of Redlands 2003 The Environmental Costs of Logistics Industry Growth in the Eastern Inland Empire Randall A. Bluffstone $10000
University of Redlands 2001 An Analysis of Economic Incentives and Growth of New Business in the Inland Empire Wali I. Mondal $10000
University of Southern California 2007 Cultural Los Angeles: Implications for Economic Development and Public Policy Elizabeth Mary Currid $114146
University of Southern California 2006 Chinese Rapid Economic Growth: Its Impact on Southern California Robert Dekle $10000
University of Southern California 2011 “Southern California Fiscal Sustainability and Governance Research” Yan Tang $177779
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