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May 9, 2019
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October 23, 2019

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Grantee Org Year Project Description Primary Contact Amount
Pomona College 1998 Barriers Affecting Access to Child Care Among Low Income Latino Families Raymond Buriel $8000
University of Southern California 1998 Poverty Management: the Urban Time-space (Dis)placement Cycle Geoffrey DeVerteuil $12000
Claremont Graduate University 1998 Where is the Smoking Gun? The Politics and Diffusion of Local Gun Control Ordinances in California Jean Schrodel $8000
University of Southern California 1998 Non-Point Sources of Water Pollution: The Nexus Between Science, Policy and Small Business Sheldon Kamieniecki $8000
University of Southern California 1998 Intermediate Graduate Fellowship for the 1998-1999 academic year awarded to Victor Perez Financial Aid Office $16000
University of Southern California 1998 Endocrine Aspects of Aggression and Dominance in Wild Chimpanzees Matrin Muller $12000
Pomona College 1998 Community Service as an Education Requirement: Will it Breed Volunteers? Eleanor Brown $8000
University of Southern California 1998 Family Structure and Socioeconomic Success Timothy Biblarz $8000
Claremont Graduate University 1998 Awarded for the academic year 1998-1999, Dissertaion Report, "Aging and the Automaticity if Face Recognition" Patricia Christidis $16000
University of Southern California 1998 Displaced Agression and Personalization Nurcan Ensari $12000