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October 23, 2019
March 5, 2020
May 7, 2020
August 6, 2020
November 5, 2020

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Grantee Org Year Project Description Primary Contact Amount
Claremont McKenna College 2009 Religion and Social Justice in the City David Yoo $12000
Claremont McKenna College 2014 The Governance of Water Pollution, Dischargers in Los Angeles: Evaluating the Effectiveness of a New Enforcement Strategy Mary Evans $110886
Claremont McKenna College 1998 Undergraduate Scholarships awarded for the academic year 1998-1999 to the following students: Linda Colosimo, Stephanie Hsieh, Robert Knudson, Andrew Orr, Jenny L. Ogasawara, Marisa Stern, Christopher Strouthopoulos, Claudia Von der Ohe, and Thomas Raine Financial Aid Office $78000
Claremont University Consortium 2009 "Concluding the Walter Lndley Scrapbook Preservation Project" Carrie Marsh $25000
Claremont University Consortium 2007 The Francis Haynes Lindley Memorial Collection Bonnie Clemens $39415
CommUnity Advocates 2005 Seed money to develop a series of Critical Issues Seminars for Los Angeles. David Lehrer $15000
CommUnity Advocates 2009 "The Critical Issues Seminars" David A. Lehrer $30000
CommUnity Advocates 2008 "The Critical Issues Seminars-Beyond the Boundaries" David A. Lehrer $30000
CommUnity Advocates 2007 Funding a second year of Critical Issues Seminars for Los Angeles David Lehrer $30000
Economic Roundtable 2017 Population Dynamics and Service Needs of Homeless Individuals Daniel Flaming $144000